The conference is organized by the Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology, and the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) from September 27th to 29th, 2023.

The conference aims to present the latest research on inequalities, seeking answers to questions such as the causes and consequences of economic and social inequalities. The conference topics include the following issues: inequality trends, intergenerational inequalities, inequalities within households, gender inequality and discrimination in the labor market, consequences of household debt, determinants and consequences of wealth accumulation, understanding and measuring poverty with a focus on strategies for poverty reduction and economic development, preferences for redistribution: measurements, factors, and effects, education, labor markets, and inequalities, comparative assessments of social and fiscal policies addressing inequalities and poverty, the impact of new technologies and AI on social inequalities, environmental protection and economic inequalities, selected sustainable development goals and social inequalities. The conference will be conducted in English.

The special guest will be Professor Branko Milanović.

We encourage researchers to submit papers that utilize LIS/LWS databases ( or similar microdata on incomes and wealth.

Additionally, there will be a Debate titled "The bridge between economic policy and research," involving policymakers and researchers, as well as workshops for young scientists on software and measurement techniques used in inequality and poverty analysis.

A prize is planned for young researchers (who obtained their PhD after 2016) for the best paper (500 EUR) and the best poster (300 EUR).

We invite researchers to submit full papers or extended abstracts of no less than 1000 words. Detailed information can be found at:

Call for Submissions

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Piotr Paradowski (Chair),
Prof. Dr. hab. Stanisław Maciej Kot,
Dr. hab. Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz, Prof. of the University,
Dr. hab. Michał Pietrzak, Prof. of the University,
Dr. Dagmara Nikulin,
Dr. Andrzej Karalus,
Dr. Eng. Karol Flisikowski, Prof. of the University,
Magdalena Brygała, M.Sc.,
Yuxin Lu, M.Sc.

Conference Venue: Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk.

Event Patrons: