Wykład otwarty o automatyzacji procesów z Olafem Pospischil z firmy IBMP S.A. | Wydział Zarządzania i Ekonomii Politechniki Gdańskiej

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Data dodania: 2024-04-15

Wykład otwarty o automatyzacji procesów z Olafem Pospischil z firmy IBMP S.A.

23 kwietnia o godzinie 11:15 zapraszamy na wykład otwarty pt. „Process Automation — way to effective strategy execution" z Panem Olafem Pospischil. Vice President Of Product Development z firmy IBMP S.A. Spotkanie odbędzie się w sali 107 na Wydziale Zarządzania i Ekonomii i poprowadzone zostanie w języku angielskim.
About Olafem Pospischil 

Crazy about optimizing processes. Manager of several programming teams. In the years 2002-2012, he implemented many systems automating processes in what is currently the largest internet portal in Poland. Since 2012, the founder of a company dealing with reducing the operating costs of the largest enterprises in Poland, such as ORANGE, EFL, Gothaer, PCC. Privately, the father of two daughters who have turned his life upside down, thanks to which he now optimizes not only the processes of the largest companies in Poland, but also private ones.

About IBMP S.A.

100% of Operations Automation. At IBPM, we redefine automation. We are not only a software house specializing in software development - we are architects of solutions allowing for maximum automation of business processes. That's why we prefer to be called Automation House. Our unique approach combines BPMS with state-of-the-art GenAI systems, enabling us to design solutions that reduce operational costs as much as possible, shorten operations to an absolute minimum, and ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Let us evaluate your processes, create integrated solutions that will redesign your operations and transform your business. 11 years of experiences, 150 projects implemented, 100 specialists onboard. BPM + AI digital transformations.

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