Host institution

Kile Institute of World Economy  

Supervision: Prof. Holger Görg

Time of the visit

1st March 2023 - 1st June 2023

Short project description

The main goal of the project is to investigate the links between global value chains (GVCs) and some distinct characteristics of the market, specifically employees’ well-being and inward foreign direct investments (FDI). The research is conducted with the use of most updated econometric methods, using BIG DATA. For the purposes of the project, a database is created which combines many independent databases, merge on the basis of either company or sectors. Examples of databases that is used: Amadeus (company-level database), Orbis (company level data),  WIOD (sectoral GVC database), EWCS (individual employee-level data on subjective well-being), SES database (Structural Earning Study, Individual Employee Level Income Database).  The host institution is Kiel Institute of World Economy under Prof. Holger Görg supervision.

If you wish to get more information please contact me directly

Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz