Rafał Śladowski, Management 2015, owner in INVESTIMS

- What is your biggest success? What do you think, what have the greatest influence on it?

So far, my greatest success is my own brand: dobrerolety.pl, created in 2009, which is more and more recognizable not only on our local market, but also in Poland. Since I was a child I had a dream – have my own company and create it from the beginning/basis. It is fantastic feeling when everything depends on you – successes and  failures as well.

When you think “University of Technology/Faculty of Management”…

Graduation of Faculty of Management and Economy and Gdańsk University of Technology in general is in my opinion very prestigious among employers and business partners. I think this is one of the most prestigious universities in Pomerania.

- What is your advice for your younger colleagues – current students of our Faculty?

Studying, even at the best university, will not bring you anything, when you don’t have any “idea” for your life and when you don’t know what do you really want – what do you want to do in the future and who do you want to be. Try to write down your goals and aspire to them. And remember, when something is worth to do, it’s not a “big deal” when you do it wrong for the first, second, even third time… At last you will get it, you just have to believe in it.