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International Studies

Half of the programmes in the Faculty's offer are English-speaking. Thanks to such a wide range of classes in English, over 200 foreign students from various European countries as well as Asia, South America and Africa study at the Faculty. Students from China are the most numerous group.

International staff

In all fields of study, classes are conducted entirely in English by lecturers from the Gdańsk University of Technology and foreign visiting professors (they account for almost half of the teaching staff). They provide students with the opportunity to benefit from their unique international experience and knowledge.

Double Degree Programme

Some courses are offered under the double degree programme at universities in Italy and France. As a student, you can spend one academic year at the partner university and then officially obtain a master's degree from both universities.

International and national exchange programmes

You can choose to study in various European countries as part of the Erasmus + programme (80 universities to choose from), study in China as part of the ECTS credit transfer programmes (5 universities are available) or study for a semester or two in another city in Poland (over 20 universities to choose from).