The forum was created in order to improve the flow of information between researchers from the Faculty of Economics and Management. Its task is to facilitate the placement and retrieval of interesting information.

Forum of research workers

The following departments are available:

  • Magazines Section
  • Department for exchanging experiences related to publishing articles in magazines and placing information on invitations to submit publications from publishing houses ("Call for papers / chapters" etc.).
  • Conferences Department
  • Department for the exchange of information on scientific conferences and trainings.
  • Database
  • Department for the exchange of information on the availability of databases and the possibilities of joint purchase of a given database.
  • Collaboration of employees
  • Department for establishing cooperation between employees of WZiE regarding research, writing publications, preparation of a joint grant, etc.
  • New employee publications
  • Here we provide information about publications of WZiE employees.
  • Didactics

Section for discussions on topics related to didactics at WZiE.

The forum is constantly expanding with new functionalities and sections. Technical questions should be directed to the Technical Section WZiE: