The Faculty offers students from Poland and abroad the opportunity to study in one of the most attractive and modern cities in Poland and Europe. We combine the scientific, didactic and culture-forming tradition of the Gdańsk University of Technology with modernity and, as a recognized academic center, we try to define the boundaries of knowledge in the field of management and economics.

Our mission

Referring to the scientific tradition and drawing on the heritage of the Gdańsk University of Technology, our wish is that the Faculty of Management and Economics will: be guided by the universal values of employees and students, conduct innovative scientific research and provide education at the highest international level in a spirit of cooperation and tolerance, be a desirable place for employees and students to pursue their aspirations and shape social and economic development.


The strategy combines scientific and educational achievements of the Faculty of Management and Economics with the engineering tradition of the Gdańsk University of Technology. It also rests on the entrepreneurial vitality and tradition of the city, region and country. The Strategy  demonstrates the scientific, educational and administrative potential, competence and ambition of the employees and students of the Faculty.

Strategy of the Faculty of Management and Economics for 2021-2030


Students can take advantage of dual degree programs with Chinese, French and Italian universities. The faculty cooperates with many prestigious universities around the world. Properly designed didactic classes are delivered by highly professional academic teachers from different countries, which gives a unique opportunity to benefit from their extensive knowledge in various fields.