Bartosz Lipnicki, entrepreneur, marathon runner, helps start-ups, small and medium-sized technology companies in their development.

- What is your greatest success? What do you think you owe it to?

As the only Pole, I was the president of the board of the international association of students, Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). I am a graduate of Ericsson's global management program. I introduced the Swedish technology start-up CLX Networks to Central and Eastern Europe. These challenges required initiative, determination, concentration, as well as the ability to cooperate and communicate with people. Currently, I help startups, small and medium-sized technology companies to succeed. I believe that the result of this cooperation will be further successes.

- I associate the University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics with...

An international adventure, an experience that made me a self-confident leader. During my studies, together with wonderful people, I built and developed the still existing branch of the international association of students of technical universities (Board of European Students of Technology - BEST) at the Gdańsk University of Technology. I also took part in signing a cooperation agreement with Universidad de Jaén in Spain, where I studied as a student exchange. Studies were a time when I could gain interesting experiences, get to know myself, my weaknesses and strengths. It was then that I made friendships that continue to this day. The studies themselves were a unique mix of knowledge in the field of business and technology, which, although lacking in practical application, turned out to be useful in the most unexpected moments of the professional career.

- What advice would you give younger colleagues - students and graduates of the Faculty?

Studies are primarily a journey, a way to achieve professional goals. Be active, gain knowledge and various experiences. They will make you more interesting people, better prepared as graduates to take up any challenge. I also encourage everyone to build a network of business contacts!