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LabQ Quality Engineering Laboratory

Scope of research:

verification of the functional and visual quality of the product by determining the properties of:

- geometric (e.g. dimensions, shape errors)

- mechanical (e.g. breaking strength)

- electrical (e.g. voltage, resistance)

according to industry standards.

Types of stations:

  • stations for measuring mechanical properties,
  • stations for measuring electrical properties,
  • a control and verification station where the final verification of the correctness of measurements (including visual control) and reports will be carried out,
  • stand with a 3D printer that allows you to print the developed prototypes,
  • computer stations with software supporting statistical process control.

Laboratory equipment:

  • measurement and control equipment (including feeler gauges, micrometers, protractors, radiometers)
  • specially designed demonstrators (electronic and mechanical), correctly made samples (the so-called golden samples) allowing the user to perform tests in real conditions and demonstrators reflecting errors resulting from production,
  • 3D printer that allows you to print prototypes,
  • computers equipped with software supporting statistical process control.

Qualifications gained thanks to LabQ:

the acquired knowledge in the field of quality engineering will allow to obtain competences used by:

  • an engineer / specialist in supply quality assurance,
  • quality assurance engineer / specialist,
  • engineer / product specialist,
  • engineer / repair specialist.

LabQ's offer:

  • conducting internal trainings by companies from the electronics / mechatronics industry aimed at improving the qualifications of employees of a given company,
  • the possibility of making the equipped laboratory commercially available for institutions and external companies,
  • conducting training courses opened by training companies.

News about the laboratory and training offer can be found at:,378-1

Supervision over the laboratory: dr hab. inż. Piotr Grudowski, prof. PG


dr inż. Elwira Brodnicka

Place of work: Main Building, room 400 A

Phone: (58) 347 10 39


dr Mateusz Muchlado

Place of work: Main Building, room 400

Phone: (58) 348 64 31