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Customer Experience Laboratory

When creating products and services, we often ask ourselves questions about their future users:

  • What are his needs and what is he looking for?
  • Will the offered solution meet his expectations and will be useful for him?
  • Will using the product or service feel good?

The Customer Experience Laboratory will help you with the answers to these and other questions.

Customer Experience Laboratory:

  • The main tool used for research is the Tobii TX 300 Eye Tracker
  • The Customer Experience Laboratory deals with researching and designing positive customer experiences resulting from the use of a product or service
  • Eyetracking is a method based on tracking the eye movements of the examined person
  • Thanks to this modern method, we are able to check how people perceive and process visual information.
  • In addition, the research uses Noldus Observer behavioral research software as well as Techsmith Morae usability testing software.
  • The Design Thinking approach and rapid prototyping software for online services and mobile applications are used to design customer interaction with a product or service.

The scope of conducted research:

  • Preparation of research
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Analysis of the results

Additional services:

  • preparation of business analysis of customer processes and their optimization
  • prototyping of interactive web mock-ups
  • building a customer loyalty model based on the results of usability studies
  • selecting an appropriate research group (recruiting people for research)

The Laboratory's offer is addressed to:

  • companies that want to improve the quality and ergonomics of the offered software, website, customer platform
  • companies that put the user and his needs in the center of attention
  • companies that want to achieve a competitive advantage in the market
  • companies that are focused on "tailor-made" solutions
  • companies from the IT, financial, insurance and medical industries, etc.

Contact person: mgr inż. Kamil Brodnicki

room 805 building B