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Department of Informatics in Management


The digitalization of various spheres of social, economic, and political life may bring many benefits, including easier access to public services; new forms of involving citizens, especially young people, in public affairs and building civil society; or the development of knowledge-based society and economy.

Unfortunately, digitalization can also have negative effects, including increasing existing or creating new forms of social inequality, exposing citizens to the loss of privacy and cybercrime, or using precise social engineering tools that can massively influence the economic or political decisions of citizens.

The Department of Informatics in Management carries out multidisciplinary research, teaching and projects aimed at achieving the benefits and managing the risks of digitalization processes on the scale of organizations, territories, countries and the world.


The Department of Informatics in Management, the largest department at the Faculty of Management and Economics, consists of professors, assistant professors and doctoral students. The team is multidisciplinary - represented disciplines include informatics, management, administration, economics, sociology, political science, architecture and law; and international - represented countries include Argentina, Canada, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine. Part of the team are IT engineers and managers who combine active academic and industrial careers.

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At the Department of Informatics in Management, we carry out scientific research aimed at achieving the benefits and controlling the risk of digitalization processes. The topics of scientific research include:

  • digital state,
  • development informatics,
  • user-system interaction,
  • designing digital services,
  • digital transformation of organizations,
  • information security management, and
  • IT project management.

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The Department is contributing courses to Economic Analytics, Engineering Management and Management studies conducted in Polish and English. We also supervise bachelor, engineering, master and doctor level students. The teaching carried out by the Department concerns: digitalization of enterprises, digital innovation, and the impact of digitalization on governance, economy and society. In addition to learning new areas of knowledge, students acquire the skills to use methods and tools that are applied in industrial practice.

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