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Date added: 2024-03-12

Digital Citizens of Europe 4.0, Erasmus+ project

The Faculty of Management and Economics at the Gdansk University of Technology has launched the Digital Citizens of Europe 4.0 project funded under Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in adult education (KA220-ADU).

Europe is currently undergoing a profound digital transformation, driven by the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots. This is affecting the changing skills needs of current and future citizens. The future requires the development of not only basic digital skills, but also more advanced ones that allow flexible adaptation to the changes taking place. Improving the digital skills of EU citizens beyond the basic level is therefore crucial. A prerequisite for participation in the Digital Decade is to enable all citizens to acquire specialized skills and an in-depth understanding of current ICT developments.

The Digital Citizens of Europe 4.0 project aims to develop digital skills by providing tools to improve these competencies, and in particular - advanced digital skills to shape the "World of Tomorrow."

The project envisages the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions by:

  • developing a curriculum that covers all the key digital skills required to thrive in a more automated, digital and dynamic world.
  • developing an e-learning course in seven European languages - which will allow for the possibility of upgrading or changing digital skills.
  • the development of a system of micro-certifications that will confirm participants' level of proficiency in newly acquired skills.

According to the project, two hundred people in each partner country - that is, a total of 1,400 people - will have the opportunity to improve their digital skills through participation in the e-learning course, which will allow them to improve their situation in the labor market.

The project is coordinated by the Gdansk University of Technology and implemented in a partnership that includes (in addition to Poland): Portugal, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Cyprus and Italy. The project is implemented in the period 1.11.2023-31.10.2026. The project coordinator is Dr Lukasz Sienkiewicz, Prof. PG from the Department of Entrepreneurship. Dr Katarzyna Stankiewicz from the same Department is also involved in the project.