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Date added: 2024-02-07

Behind the Business Scenes. Meeting with Tomasz Woźniczka

Tomasz Woźniczka
On January 22nd, another meeting from the "Behind the Business Scenes" series took place in auditorium 107. It was dedicated to the issues of research and its impact on conducting business activities. Our Guest was Mr. Tomasz Woźniczka - Vice President of the Board of Research Agency PBS Ltd. from Sopot, who came at the invitation of Dr. Hab. Edyta Gołąb-Andrzejak, Prof. at the Marketing Department of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Mr. Tomasz Woźniczka has been associated with the research market throughout his professional life, as he embarked on his journey in this industry immediately after completing his studies in 2006. The research market had already undergone several decades of new life, when after 1989, private entities independent of the state also became its participants.

During the meeting, we had the opportunity to learn about the functioning principles of this market and associations that gather research entities and certify the best in the industry. We also saw how the research market and the financial results obtained by its participants are changing.

What may be somewhat surprising is the fact that the second most important client of research companies - after the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry - is not the pharmaceutical sector or the electronic media sector, but the research agency sector itself! It was also surprising that telephone interviews (CATI) are only in fifth place among research methods, and their share decreases significantly each year.

From the clients' perspective, the significant trend is the decreasing costs of conducting research (currently, the most important method is CAWI research, i.e., electronic interviews), which, coupled with increasing revenues, allows for conducting a growing number of studies and increasing the potential number of respondents. As a result, research services are becoming increasingly accessible to businesses and other parties interested in the results of research entities.

Our Guest also told us about the biggest problems of the research industry. He listed, above all, respondents' reluctance to participate in surveys and the challenge of effectively encouraging them in these realities. Moreover, facing technological changes, the sector is also confronted with finding answers to difficult questions: should researchers be replaced by artificial intelligence, and respondents by Big Data?

At the end of the meeting, we had the opportunity to ask questions.

Mr. Tomasz Woźniczka warmly invited all students (and not only J) to two interesting events this year, which are undoubtedly INSUMMIT YOUTH (April 12th at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw) and INSUMMIT 2024 (Insights and Innovations Festival) on September 24-25th at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Additionally, individuals interested in work or internships were also invited to direct cooperation with PBS Ltd.

We warmly thank our Guest for coming and sharing his experiences, and Dr. Hab. Edyta Gołąb-Andrzejak, Prof. at the Marketing Department, for organizing and conducting this interesting meeting.