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Date added: 2023-04-03

Summary of the Jubilee Alumni Reunion

On the first Saturday of December 2022, the Jubilee Reunion of Graduates of the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk Tech was held. The event was part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of FME.

More than 200 Graduates sat in the Hevelius Courtyard in the Main Building of Gdansk Tech to reminisce about student times together over a glass of wine and small refreshments, celebrate the meeting and take a photo together.

In addition to the social nature of the meeting, the Alumni had the opportunity to establish new professional contacts. In addition, they got acquainted with the current scientific and didactic successes of the Faculty, presented by the Dean's Council of FME, and listened to a lecture by PhD Aleksander Orłowski, Gdańsk Tech professor, entitled. "Challenges of modern cities - smart future cities".

One of the guests at the convention was the Chairman of the Alumni Association of Gdansk Tech, Mr. Jerzy Swinyanski, who briefly presented the activities of SAPG and encouraged them to maintain contacts.

The Jubilee Alumni Convention of FME also became an opportunity to help those in need. Numerous Alumni showed their generous hearts by taking part in an auction for the "Treasure Island" Foundation. They are engaged in the rehabilitation of disabled children and accompanying them and their parents on the road to independence. The object of the auction were products and services donated by employees and friends of the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk Tech.

We invite you to view a photo-report of the event.