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Project Opus 19

“Technological specialisation and productivity divergence in the age of digitalisation, automation and AI”

Research project financed by National Science Centre (NCN, Poland), OPUS19 competition (decision number DEC-2020/37/B/HS4/01302). 

Principal Investigator: Aleksandra Parteka Gdańsk University of Technology

Total funds: 722 280 PLN

Realisation period: 2021-2025

Keywords: technological specialisation, technological progress, digital revolution, fourth industrial revolution (4IR), new technological paradigm, ADP (advanced digital production) technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), digitalisation, digital economy, economic growth, productivity growth, productivity distribution, Total Factor Productivity (TFP), leader-follower relations, catch-up, convergence, divergence.

JEL: O3, O4, F1, F6


Aleksandra Parteka (PI)

Gdansk University of Technology Faculty of Management and Economics

Narutowicza 11/12 80-233 Gdańsk

Poland Room 316 WZiE (Traugutta 79)

tel. (+48 58) 348-60-04