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Information about Erasmus+  for the academic year 2023/2024 can be found  here

The education internationalization process at FME became one of its strategic goals many years ago. The Erasmus+ program, as its predecessors (Socrates, Erasmus) contribute to the implementation of this strategy on several levels. Firstly, it enables the exchange of teaching staff and of the researchers.

Every year, around 40 staff members visit partner universities to deliver courses or participate in offered trainings. Additionally, using Erasmus+ framework, we can also invite foreign scientists to FME. Another and perhaps the most valuable FME activity within Erasmus+ program is the exchange of students. It is particularly important to us because it allows our students to learn about other cultures, both during the study and internship exchange but also they can gain a lot of so precious nowadays skills at their home university, thanks to foreign students who come to our faculty.

Every year we send and welcome to FME approx. 100 students.