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Information for first-year students

Full-time first-cycle and second-cycle studies in English


Start of classes and timetables 

The start of classes for first-year full-time students will take place on 2 October 2023

Calendar for the academic year 2023/2024 

The timetable will be posted at the end of September on the Faculty website

Regulations for full-time and part-time degree programmes at Gdańsk University of Technology are available here

Field of studies supervisors 2023/2024

The student ID card

Those admitted to the university are required to submit an application for an electronic student ID card (ELS) – such an application is submitted via the Moja PG portal ("Student" application -> Documents -> Submit application -> Application for electronic card). A photograph must be attached when submitting the application.

PLEASE NOTE – the photo should be in JPG format and should meet the same requirements as the photo for an ID card!

  • colour photo without headgear or dark glasses,
  • dimensions of 2.0 x 2.5 cm at a resolution of 300 dpi in JPG format, which will allow the card to be printed in sufficient quality,
  • the maximum size of a photo file is 500 kilobytes.

Once the application has been submitted, an invoice will be generated (PLN 22 for the first card or PLN 33 for a duplicate card). Students are required to pay the fee by the deadline of 18 August 2023. The payment should be made only after the application has been submitted; only the invoice number should be included in the title of the payment. The fee can also be paid via quick payments available after submitting the application for the card.

PLEASE NOTE!!! Payments made after this date do not guarantee receipt of the electronic student ID card by 1 October 2023 (the card will be issued at a later date). Each person admitted to the degree programme, once their album number has been assigned, will be given an individual bank account number to which fees must be paid. You will receive precise instructions in this regard by email, the address of which was provided by you during the recruitment process. If you do not receive the email by 4 August 2023, please report this via the contact form available here (IT notifications -> Problems with the welcome email).

Up-to-date information on the card can be found here 

Scholarships and halls of residence

 Detailed information on scholarships and places in Student Halls of Residence can be found on the website of the Student Self-Government in the "For Students" section and on the homepage of Gdańsk University of Technology

Information on scholarships available to students can be found here

Information can also be obtained by e-mail:

Compulsory training

For compulsory training, electronic courses available on the eNauczanie platform must be completed. Detailed information can be found here


Classes in the subject "Library information skills" include library training and training in the basics of standardisation. Library training consists of one compulsory lecture (approximately 45 minutes) in a classroom format and lessons in an e-course format. The lecture will be organised in November by the Library branch of the Faculty of Management and Economics. Training in the basics of standardisation will take place in the form of an e-course. The condition for obtaining credit for the course and receiving instructor's signature in the student's credit book is: attending one on-site lecture and correctly solving two online tests. Link to detailed information on the "Library information skills" course
Multimedia lectures and tests will be made available on the eNauczanie teaching platform and should be passed by the student by the end of the winter semester of the academic year 2022/2023. All necessary information on trainings and tests will be posted in October 2022 on the Gdańsk University of Technology's Library website in the "Students" tab.

Tuition fees


The terms and conditions for the collection of fees for educational services are set out in the contract concluded between the university and the student in documentary form via the university's Moja PG system. A contract template, as well as the Order of the Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology on the principles of charging fees for educational services, conditions and mode of exemption from fees and the amount of fees for educational services at Gdańsk University of Technology are posted on the website of Gdańsk University of Technology

Take a look at the First Year's Self-Help portal

Student's ID


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Calendar of academic year