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It is difficult to overestimate the role of internships in a professional career. This is a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge, as well as test yourself and your skills in the work environment. Internships are also a good way to get to know yourself and your expectations about your dream job, improve your talent and perhaps establish a longer cooperation with a selected employer.

Due to the prolonged state of the epidemic and the limitation of the activities of many enterprises, we would like to present you the regulations of WZiE on the date and form of crediting the professional internship:

1. Undergraduate students:

(Economics, Economic Analytics, BiM), who should complete their internships after semester 4 (taking place in the summer semester 2019/2020), are required to complete them by May 31, 2021.

(Economics, Economic Analytics, BiM) who should complete their internships after semester 4 (taking place in the summer semester 2020/2021), are required to complete them by May 31, 2022.

All documents confirming the internship must be submitted to the dean's office no later than within the above-mentioned deadlines.

2. Foreign students in the field of BiM - can carry out internships in the form of additional classes / training courses certified in Lean Management, the completion of which is the basis for passing the internship.

3. Students of engineering studies:

Engineering management and data engineering (semester 6 in the summer semester 2020/2021) are required to submit documents confirming the internship by December 31, 2021. In the event of inability to complete the internship, training will be organized for ZI and ID students to complete the internship.

All documents regarding internships ("Consent for internships", "Certificate of internship", "Practice diary") should be sent in electronic form to the following address:

In matters related to the implementation and settlement of internships and problems with their implementation, please contact the internship representative via e-mail:

Internships can take place in the form of traditional (stationary) or remote work!

WE invite you to read the internship regulations and directional instructions for individual study fields of our Faculty. Here you will find information necessary before, during and after the internship. You should start preparing for an internship by reading the regulations. It is worth getting interested in the internships in advance, taking into account the duration of negotiations with the employer and the need to complete the formalities before starting them.

Thomas Edison said, " I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun. " I wish you could endorse this statement in the future.

Internship regulations and instructions



Plenipotentiary for internships: Dr. Edyta Drajska

T: +48 58 348 64 39


Credit for completed internships

A certificate of completed internship along with a diary should be delivered to the Student's Office.