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We invite students of the Faculty of Management to participate in the program using the tutoring method. The program aims to support students in their educational, scientific and professional development through individual work with a tutor. Tutoring is a personalized form of learning based on a student-tutor relationship, where the student develops his / her interests and the tutor helps and supports him in line with his/her area of expertise.

How does participation in the program look like?

By applying for the "Masters of Didactics" project in the summer semester of 2022, students will be able to take advantage of individual cooperation with a tutor of their choice in the winter semester of 2022/2023. During regular, individual meetings with the tutor, participants will work on the development and implementation of the goals, which will be set at the beginning of the program.

Who can join the program?

First-cycle (after the first year) and second-cycle students.

We invite everyone interested in joining the program. If there are more people interested than the current pool of places, the following criteria will be taken into account when recruiting:

  • average grade from the year preceding the recruitment year,
  • activity in research clubs at the Faculty, University or in any institutional environment,
  • scientific publications, popularization activities or participation in scientific conferences

The program is financed under the Masters of Didactics program.