The MBA objectives

The main objectives of the programme are  to promote the development of participants' leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial competencies and to strengthen their expertise in strategy, strategy implementation and the management of  complex situations through programme and project  management approaches.

Because the MBA is based on a dynamic framework, students may focus and specialise on a range of diverse  competencies according to their interests and particular needs. The framework of the programme is based on four key pillars Strategic Thinking, Operational Excellence, Fundamentals  People Management and Self-development:


  • Strategic Leadership and Personal Development
  • Global Talent Management and Strategic HR Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing and Business Model Workshop
  • Creativity, Innovations & New Business  (Business Models)
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Programme Management - MSP™


  • Operational Excellence, Value Stream & Lean Management
  • Strategic Project Management and Analysis- PRINCE2™
  • Management of Portfolios-MOP™
  • Applications –  aligning   MSP, Prince2, MOP, P3O and  Change Management with Business Strategy Planning and Implementation context


  • Team Building 
  • Talent Diagnosis - Personal Development Schedule
  • Inspirational and Effective Communication
  • Business Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • Coaching
  • Presentation skills 


  • Business Ethics and CSR
  • Business Economics
  • Business Law
  • Finance for Strategic Decision Making
  • Accounting for Decision Making and Graphics Management  



Strategic Thinking

  • The outcome of this theme is to recognize the essence of strategic thinking and application of the latest strategic insights, approaches as well as practical tools in organizations. Why nowadays strategy matters in helping the organizations gain and retain competitive advantage is covered by compilation of subjects of the domain. The main goal of the Strategic Thinking Pillar is to develop students’ strategic mindset by delivering an effective strategic foundations for sound decisions making context.
  • Strategic Thinking Pillar integrates importance of the leadership in strategy implementation as well as the significance of the human impact on organizational changes. That displays the need for talent management and personal development in strategic realm.


Operational Excellence

  • In today’s competitive global marketplace, operational excellence is one of three (with the other two being Customer intimacy and Product leadership) essentials to success and the key to global business competitiveness. Operational Excellence Pillar focuses on efficient application and implementation of strategic goals and objectives throughout the organization. That establishes the sense and the importance of the change management and continuous improvements implementation to leverage operations - to achieve business growth and maximizing the value organization creates, delivers and captures. In such a given approach stream value management, lean process improvement and project management methods are vital steps toward achieving Operational Excellence.  Operational Excellence Pillar also spotlights the importance of the talent transfer to make the flow of the expected value to the customer through efficient processes.  Operational Excellence Pillar is to develop business-minded operational experts who can enhance the value  to the business by supporting  the operational change  of the organization


People Management and Self Development

  • This approach enables students understand and apply continuous professional development to evolve leadership skills while taking responsibility for their own personal development.  The Pillar People Management and Self Development guides how to turn the skills of a group of people into a highly productive and performing work team. The compilation of subjects aims to foster and facilitate the spirit of the team as well as to establish an organisational culture that inspires and engages people, where both the organisation and individual objectives are realised. Collaborative and inspirational communication is the critical concern in business strategy implementation.
  • This dimension enables to broaden knowledge and cognitive gains, develop personal and behavioural competencies as well foster soft skills abilities associated with communication, innovation and creativity including problem solving as a choice for self-development.



  • This Pillar is designed to develop and foster a substantive, contextual and critical understanding of the nature and effect of principles relating to key areas like: economics and law , finance and accounting - being the fundamentals  for strategic  decision making.  The Foundations Pillar highlights understanding the role of values and ethics concepts being essential in leading the contemporary business organizations and covers the important field of corporate social responsibility which becomes important competitive advantage in customer and employment markets.
  • Specific course Aims –
  • MBA programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Strategy, Programme and Project Management through the development of knowledge, skills and expertise in this range of subjects. Therefore MBA programme includes in its curriculum contemporary professional certifications on the fundamental levels of Managing of Portfolios (MOP®), Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) and PRINCE2®. These content is being delivered by Accredited Training Organizations to Axelos and APMG UK. Such given range of accredited methodologies provides students with knowledge, tools and skills, which allows its adaption in a variety strategically important situations, not mentioning present day business problem solutions.
  • International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management has developed strong links with the Professional Bodies at national level, in particular with Project Management Institute PMI®, having the opportunity to deliver together Best Practice Sharing Module.
  • The educational outlook of MBA programme aims and urges our student to commit themselves into a practical research study and publish their results in Quarterly Journal “Research on Enterprise in Modern Economy –Theory and Practice”, issued by Gdansk University of Technology