People always come first. We believe that the academic community of the Faculty includes all stakeholders, such as candidates, students, postgraduate students, course participants, academic staff, staff supporting the core activities of the Faculty, graduates, employers, and representatives of the socio-economic environment. A high level of organisational culture, in all its aspects, is fundamental to the achievement of individual and collective objectives, and it is an expression of freedom, tolerance and dignity of employees. Our activities are characterised by openness because we believe that experiencing and embracing diversity makes us stronger. Moreover, responsibility requires us to act with commitment and to take into consideration the consequences of our actions for all stakeholders. It is associated with the integrity and autonomy of conducted research and ethical practices adopted by the Faculty. We encourage entrepreneurship because we believe that recognising needs, improving ideas and the ability to seize opportunities, and being willing to take risks contribute to sustainable development and improved social well-being. At the same time, we believe it is important to respect tradition, heritage and culture, which requires social responsibility and sensitivity from the academic community.