Laurea Design Sprint Winter School


 Laurea University of Applied Sciences would like to welcome your students in their 2020 Design Sprint Winter School. We kindly ask you to distribute this email to your students so that they can see this information and enroll.
In January 2020 Laurea will organize a second Design Sprint Winter School. The winter school is open to all students who have completed at least their first year of studies in their home institutions.

Learn the world-famous Jake Knapp's
Sprint -method and have fun!

The Design Sprint will be valuable for participating students since they will to learn how customers respond to your service ideas, before spending large amounts of time, money and energy to build them. This hands-on, intense, but fun sprint teaches you how to run a successful Design Sprint.
With a structured approach, we will move from framing the problem to design your service solutions, from the creation of a Minimum Viable Product to the test phase, where real customers test your service.

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What will you learn?

§  Pick the right problem, and gain the confidence you are tackling a problem worth solving

§  Align your team to work on a common goal

§  Understand customer need and map their journey

§  Sketch innovative solutions in no time

§  Make critical decisions fast

§  Create an MVP

§  Validate concepts

§  Become aware of your personal strenghts & weaknesses in a team

§  Pitch your service concept





Don't wait - just innovate!


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